Monday, 22 December 2014

For real this time

Alright, for real.  

So, due to some personal life / health issues, I've taken a leave of absence from work.  This should mean I have time to write a blog now.  The husband gave me an old laptop that was abandoned at work (old, yet still the newest and most powerful laptop I've ever used) so I have a computer now.  My last new computer was 10 years ago when I started university, so this is an exciting thing.

I'm currently working on some selfish sewing projects.  I have no client work to do, and have finished all my Christmas gift sewing.  So, current project is Jalie 2908 Some nice, straight forward stretch jeans.  This is my first Jalie pattern so I hope I chose the sizing correctly.  I love that there are SO MANY sizes in the pattern, so I can make jeans for my daughter as well, but I wish the pages were folded down to letter size.  They would fit in my current pattern filing system that way.

I wanted to include a photo, as I think blog posts and photos go well together, but I can't find my camera since the great craft room sacrifice last week.  (As in, I sacrificed my craft room so my daughter could have her own room when it became clear that both kids sharing a room wasn't going to fly.)  I hope to find it when I get my pegboard up tomorrow and can unpack my tools and notions.

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