Thursday, 1 January 2015

Crafting summary of 2014

My husband, who is sensitive to having his information available on the internet, shall be referred to as Spartacus, or Spart for short.

Spart was able to revive my phone long enough to get my photos off it and then did a hard reset.  I detest having to change my phone to all my preferred settings again, but at least it's fully functional now.  Spart's phone did the same thing to him last week, except he can't connect a cable due to bent prongs so he lost all his data.  It would have been an absolute tragedy to me to lose every single photo either of us took over the last two years.  As it is, he had all the Halloween photos of the kids.  Oh well, better some than none.

Here is a quick run through of the craft projects I did in 2014.  I picked up sewing again after a 5 year break and fell deeply into the couture sewing side.  I went through a quick stamp carving revival (having learned it in grade 10 art class) and am currently running through my library's collection on fabric/fibre dying.  I knit only a couple things, learned to cross stitch, and did a bit of embroidery.  I baked, tried to cook (and mostly failed at that).  I took my first serious try at fondant cake decorating and really enjoyed it.  And I sewed, sewed, sewed. These are all photos taken on my phone and usually in poor lighting.  Sorry for that, I will get better at taking photos as I go on.

 Antler Cardigan - Gift

 My first cross stitch pattern.  Kit from Michael's.

 Smocked toddler dress - no pattern, just a tube with hand smocking

 Similar dress, with machine shirring to gather the bodice.  - Gifts (I made 2)

 Hand painted tattoo illusion nylons.  This was fun, I'll do this again.  Tutorial on BurdaStyle

 Patches made using hand-carved stamps. These were great to fix the knees in all the hand-me-down jeans we received for our son.  I think I fixed 6 pairs in this manner.

 Summer dress using Tanit-Isis' sundress pattern.  Love this one.

 Blue Sky Alpaca Cottons kimono Wrap baby cardigan. - Gift

 Worhol Dress decorated with the hand carved stamps used above.

 Butterick 4790 Walk Away dress

 Machine mounted Pin cushion

 Freezer Paper stenciled library book bag.

Sewaholic Pendrell blouse - Gift.  Cat fabric from Spoonflower

 Simplicity 2152 Skirt from silk taffeta.

 Style Arc Zoe Pencil Skirt

 Fondant decorated birthday cake.

 Failure - Pin Up girls bra.  I put the band in the wrong place.  This was a tragic reminder to not cut out a pattern 3 weeks before you sew it.  I completely mussed this one up.

 Amerson Knickers from woven fabric.  These remind me of babydoll pyjama bottoms.  They're surprisingly comfortable.  

 Make Bra Free Hipster pattern from an old t-shirt and some Fold-over elastic.  Also comfy,but a little higher than I like to wear.  Easy to fix.

The bedding for the doll cradle we gave our daughter at Christmas.  I cut down an old pillow to fit, then used fabric from my stash to make a pillowcase style cover for it.  The quilt looks a lot like a placemat to me.  But it fits her dolls wonderfully and it took me much more effort than expected to find that silly cradle.  Who knew a low wooden doll cradle was hard to find?

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