Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Jalie Jeans

One day, I will get my hands on a proper camera and tripod.  Today is not that day though, so here are more poor quality, indoor cell phone photos.

Here they are from the front.

The back with simple cat detail on the pockets.

And the leftover quilting cotton I used to line the front pockets.

As mentioned, I cut at least two sizes too large.  This was my first Jalie pattern, and I seem to have a habit of making stretch clothing too large.  In my head, I think I like having 0 ease, but in reality, I like about -2" of ease.  I did remember that with the dress I made just before Christmas, but then forgot with these jeans.  One day I'll get it. 

I am in love with this fabric though.  It's a stretch denim I bought from Fabricana a few months ago when I decided I hated my ready to wear jeans.  The wrong side looks like yoga pants, and the outside feels more like flannel than denim.  I think I'll have to buy more and make up Closet Case File's Ginger Jeans with it.

I used the jeans and pants essential notions from Thread Theory and really liked the quality of the button and rivets.  I think my favourite part of making jeans is how much a hammer is involved.  When I worked at a tailor shop, I used to do most of the jean hems so the more complicated things could go to the other seamsters.  When hemming so as to keep the original hem on the jeans, we removed the hem, opened it up, and reattached it (like bias tape) to the bottom of the shortened jeans.  Since the inseams would usually be 12 layers thick, I had to take a hammer to them and try to flatten it down to get under the needle.  Made me feel a bit bad-ass to do that.

I tried to shrink the jeans in the wash, but was unsuccessful.  I even put them in the dryer (spandex hates the heat so retaliates by shrinking), but no dice.  Oh well, it's all good.

Next up on the sewing table is some Jalie underwear for the boy.  He's stubbornly decided that he doesn't like briefs, so I will sew him a few pairs of boxer-briefs to see if he'll wear them.  Good thing I already bought Jalie 3242 as I was going to sew some knickers for myself with it.  Good pattern bargain that one.  Underwear for the whole family in one pattern!  Does that sound kinda overboard to anyone else?  Like, "sane people buy underwear for their kids, not make it".  Oh well, sanity has it's limits anyway.

I also have a Vogue pattern out that I'm trying very hard to fit on a piece of merino wool jersey I bought in the summer.  It's not working too well right now, so I may have to buy more.  The store had lots left the last time I was in a couple weeks ago, so I am sure they'll still have it next week.  I could just admit it's not going to fly and move on, but that's not really my style.

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