Thursday, 15 January 2015

Jalie underwear

Sewing underwear is one of those odd things you never really think about until the need arises. Underwear is mostly affordable and easy to find.  I've sewn some for myself partly because I think it's a brilliant way to use up scraps, old t-shirts, or worn through pyjamas, and partly because I will be sewing my own bras soon, so knickers just seems a natural progression.  So I bought Jalie 3242 mostly because it's economy was seductive. "Look Honey!  I can take all those old, worn out Metallica t-shirts you refuse to throw out and make you boxers! And I can make underwear for the kids! Isn't this a great idea!?" Spart is never keen on anything I refer to as a "great idea".  Seems to be a red flag for him.

After a couple weeks of fighting with our nearly five year old son (I shall call him Aki which is the Greek affection for "little man") over the merits of wearing underwear, I took him to the store and had him pick out some ones he wanted. Instead of the ones with Lego on them that he had at home, he wanted ones with "little legs".  Ah.  Alright then.  I had major sticker shock over them as the boxers and trunks were roughly $6 a pair, whereas the briefs were less than $2 a pair.  So we went to Fabricland to buy some waistband elastic instead.

I had about 4 metres of a green interlock at home that I had picked up for $3 last summer at an Our Social Fabric sale (textile recycling sale of amazingness), already had green thread and some wooly nylon for the bobbin with the double needle, so I was all set.

Front view

Back view
Voila! In a single afternoon I had 7 pairs of small boy underwear made. Aki tried them on, declared he loved them, and reminded me that green is his favourite colour, and then proceeded to tell everyone who would listen that I made underwear for him. Perhaps not polite conversation, but he's now wearing underwear, so I'm going with it.

I thought these trunks were really clever.  The only seam, other than the inseam, is at the front with the pouch, so they are super quick and easy to put together. I used my serger for the seams and a double ballpoint needle with wooly nylon bobbin thread for the topstitching. A quick blast with the iron to coax the threads into relaxation, and they were ready to wear.

At least with so many sizes in one pattern, if I'm stuck sewing him underwear for many years I'll never have to buy another pattern.

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