Monday, 23 February 2015

Bra making cheat sheet

I've dedicated February to sewing bras.  And knickers because they naturally follow bras, but they're less exciting.

I have only sewn a couple bras (ahem... none that are quite ready to be wearable yet...) but, with my signature over-confidence I've decided to start offering custom bra making!

Email me for information and quotes:

Prices begin at $50 for a very basic bra.  No foam, optional underwires.  Prices increase up to $100 for a bra with all the bells and whistles.  For $300 it'll serve you drinks. :D

Seriously though, I know so many ladies who are either above a D cup, or under a 34 band.  It's terrible to try to find a bra like that!  So, I decided what my friends and family needed was custom sewn bras.  My cousin Gail is my first client, and she's happy to have me sew her all the styles I want so I can test them all out.  Hoorah!  Her two adult daughters are also of the narrow rib cage, larger bust variety, so they have a tough time finding bras as well.

I find the hardest part of starting with bra making is keeping all the different elastics and trims straight.  So I made up a cheat sheet for shopping.

Straight Forward
My findings and elastics kits I bought from Bra Maker's Supply came with this card to help me figure out what trim went where.  So I snipped bits of leftovers off and stapled them to it to help me out.  I can just keep this in my purse and whenever I go to the fabric store I can look for these trims and fabrics.  I know that Fabricana has a small selection of elastics and they carry powernet, Fabricland has the elastics and closures, but not the fabric, and Dressew has the fabrics, but I always get confused over the trims.  I think they have them all, but I have never been able to tell. Now I can just compare to my sheet. Such a simple thing, but I feel so cleaver for having thought of it.

I'll be making a trip downtown to Dressew later this week.  In their bargain section they have the powernet and I think some simplex.  So I can buy a couple metres of each to sew up muslins for my clients to tweak the fit before committing my pretty fabrics and laces.  It'll take longer for the client to get the finished bra that way, but it'll fit perfectly.

Can you tell I'm a little excited about this new venture of mine?  I hope to gain enough clients to one day be able to spend my days happily sewing away.

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