Saturday, 28 February 2015

Finished: Linda Bra and Watson Set

I finally got stuff done!!  Oh good grief, it's been such an unproductive last couple of weeks that it felt like I would never finish a project again.  But then I churned out 3 finished and 1 nearly finished item and now my brain is soothed. I'll share the finished projects with you and save the nearly finished one for next week when it'll be totally finished.  Just needs a hem and the top stitching done.

So, first up, another Pin-up Girls Linda bra.  This time in 34F and a very nice pink and black kit from Bra-Maker's Supply.
Camera didn't quite focus where I wanted it to.  Close up of the lace detailing.
The pattern suggested just putting lace on the top of the cups like above, but I also put it on the bridge because I think it looks nicer that way.

The 34F is a nearly perfect fit.
If you don't want to be an underwear model then don't make custom bra sewing part of your business.
See the slightly flat part under the cups? That means there is just a touch too much fabric in the lower cup that can be pinched out.  I can take 1/4" off the bust apex and it'll be just right next time.  But still, this is one of the first bras I've worn where the centre front actually touches my skin. Super comfortable and I feel glamourous in this bra.

This pattern is a bit pointy.  Thankfully, it's not as dramatic in this size as it was in the one cup too small, but it's certainly pointer than I am used to.  Nearing the bullet bra end of the spectrum.  I think it's due to the two part cup and diagonal seam.  On my body, that probably turns out a pointier bra cup.  So, I'll try the Pin-up Girls Shelly bra next time as it's a four part cup (two lower, one upper and a power bar).

The next thing I sewed up was a Watson Bra and Pantie set from Cloth Habit.  I wasn't sure how this would look on me due to it's unstructured nature and my need for structure.  I saw it sewn up and paraded about all over the net, so I thought it was worth at least trying and getting a lounge set out of.  The knickers are a wonderful fit for me.  I may use them as my go-to pattern.  The bra was meh.  I chose the 36D based on the size chart even though I knew that wasn't going to work out.  But since the fabric I used was a really stretchy mesh I figured it would be wearable no matter what.
Watson Bra, Long line version
Wearable, but not a great fit.  I think I would need to do up the 34F or 34G in a high stretch fabric, and a 36E or F in a low stretch fabric.

It sewed up really quickly and without any problems.  It really is a great little pattern, I plan on sewing up a few more as time permits.

Excellent pattern placement.
I have to say, these knicker really make my bum look good.  I sewed up the size large and they fit really well.

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