Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Finished Project: Tiramisu

I finally finished the dress my mother-in-law asked me to sew for her in December.  She was hoping to wear it for Christmas, but I just hated the fabric so much that I kept putting it off.

She likes to buy fabric at thrift shops and often finds some super pretty things.  But, she doesn't care much about fibre content, so she usually buys polyester.  I fully admit to being a fibre snob.  Sewing, knitting, whatever.  I love natural fibres.  They have the properties I want my garments to have, and just feel nicer.  The fabric MIL had asked me to make her a dress from is most likely a nylon tricot.  It had the fuzzy wrong side that 70's slips have.  Nylon is better behaved when sewing than polyester is, so that was a plus, but the dress she wanted me to make her was designed for a fabric with more stretch in it, and that was the main holdback for me.  I had bought Cake Pattern's Tiramisu dress as a PDF pattern, so when I made it for myself a couple months ago I cut it out in my size and hacked the bodice pieces to bits adding in extra length.  MIL and I have very similar torsos, but she has short legs that makes her 5 or 6 inches shorter than I am.  The last dress I made her was in the same size I made for myself, but I couldn't do that with this one because of the lower stretch in her fabric.  So, instead of printing off a new pattern and getting on with it, I sewed up 6 other things and let it just sit on my sewing table, fueling a guilty conscience.

I finally sewed it up last week and it turned out nicely.

Hanging out waiting for a hem.
After it was sewn, I asked Spart if his mum purposely liked looking like the Greek flag.  She probably does.  I can totally see her wearing this to the Greek Festival this summer. She'll be the envy of all her friends.

I took my time to line up all the lines, and I'm so pleased with myself on that.  I tend to be... impatient... and don't take the time to do my best work on projects.  But I've really been trying to overcome that and DO IT RIGHT so I can be proud of the items my hands produce.  It really is a great feeling to know that I took the time to make something turn out really well rather than to just get it done.

As an aside, this pattern is actually almost identical to a RTW dress I had bought 10 years ago and loved to bits.  It was the dress I'd throw on in the summer when I didn't really feel like getting dressed.  I loved the dress, but wished it was a bit longer in the torso, and was in cotton.  I wore it to work one day and thought of that when I was suddenly inspired to look for a pattern.  I googled "mock wrap neckline knit dress sewing pattern" in images and it was one of the first ones.  Seriously, the sleeves are the only thing different.  My RTW dress had cap sleeves and this is kimono.  After sewing a beautiful cotton version for myself I donated my polyester one.

So, MIL has a new dress she's pleased with and she hasn't given me more fabric to sew another one yet, so it's back to selfish sewing.  I have my first beginner lesson to teach on Saturday, so I'll be spending most of this week getting my curriculum in order before then.  My student chose the optional field trip to the fabric store as well, so I'll happily lead her around Fabricana gathering supplies.


  1. Perfect pattern matching. I haven't dared sew anything that requires matching yet. I know I'll just cut it out wrong and waste all my fabric!

    1. Thank you!
      It took me a long time to get up the courage to pattern match, but it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. After cutting out one side of the skirt front, I arranged it on the fabric so it looked the way I wanted in the garment, then laid down the pattern piece of the other side. After cutting the second piece out I pinned at every blue stripe (the stripes are fairly narrow on this fabric) and tugged or relaxed a little bit to get them to line up. Then I sewed fairly slowly to make sure it was still in line before going under the needle. Time consuming, but I'm so glad I did it this time.