Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Thrift Score

I love Thrift Store shopping.  I love the thrill of the hunt and the joy of finding something amazing. I look for a few things usually:

  • Girl Guide items
  • Vintage sewing patterns / notions
  • Fabrics
  • Designer or Quality garments
The Girl Guide items are because I'm a lifetime member.  Guiding is a huge part of my life even if I'm not currently active as a leader.  The Vintage sewing items are because the packaging is often wonderful to use as decoration and/or the item is actually usable and useful to me. Fabrics are only based on their usefulness.  The Designer garments can be sold to a Vintage shop downtown for extra cash, and quality garments can be deconstructed and upcycled.  I have no qualms about buying a silk dress that doesn't fit and turning it into undies.

So, today, I think I made my best Thrift Score since I bought my 1950's Singer Slant-o-matic two years ago.  Please meet Sally Stitch:

She's in my size too!  Looking a little rough, but I think a little bath will do wonders.  I'll need to pad her out and make a slipcover eventually to make her my double, but EEEEE!!  A dressform!  A vintage one!!  The stand is cast iron, the adjustment system is all metal bars and wingnuts.

Paper maiche on the inside.  So glorious!  If anyone knows much about Sally Stitch please tell me, I'm curious about the company.  They seem to be the ones behind the Home Sewing is Easy manuals that was famously made into a Quilting cotton by Alexander Henry.

I also found a brand new sleeve board just in time for March and the month of back to work sewing.

And I rescued this adorable Sparks mug to gift to my fellow Guiding friend for her new camp mug.

It makes me happy to know someone will now use it until it's faded beyond recognition. I sent my friend photos and she said she squealed so hard her husband thought she was looking at photos of kittens.  He doesn't understand why she's so happy about it, but he's not a Guide.  It's the sort of happiness only someone who's been part of something for nearly their whole life can understand.

Excellent day to stop at the thrift store!  It was beside the post office I went into to mail a letter and some photos to my Grandma, so I had to go in.

Anyone have a super Thrift Score of their own to tell me about?

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