Thursday, 5 March 2015

Finished: Butterick 6582

This is a previously finished but not yet blogged project. I went back to work this week so was able to access the photos I have on my computer there and came across this one taken at our office Christmas party in December. This is the only photo I actually have of the dress!  That needs to be resolved.

(Seriously, I have been trying to get my brother to take photos for me, but his schedule and mine clash with the nice weather.  I now have procured a tripod and will attempt to take photos this weekend of several finished items.)

This is Butterick 6582, a Retro Reproduction pattern. I chose the straight skirt version as it seemed more practical for a Christmas party dress and will take up less room in my closet when not in use. The fabric is a silk taffeta from Dressew that I bought last … May or July.  I don’t quite remember. Fabric shopping blurs together after a few months so that I can remember where something came from, but not the exact date anymore. Maybe I should start a log book…


This was a really straight forward, easy sew.  Darts, shoulder gathers, facing, side seams and hems. Only 5 pattern pieces and nothing tricky. I tissue fit the pattern since the front and back were both just long single pieces with the back on the fold and the front a complete piece. I chose size 16 and tapered in at the waist and hips an extra inch on each side. The hem is handpicked with a catch stitch and lace hem tape, the zipper handpicked, and the seams bound with hug snug seam tape. I love using hug snug on silk garments as it doesn’t add the thread weight that serging or overlocking can. I then added a waist stay to keep the dress from slipping up my body during wear as the silk is so light.
I popped a dart when I sat down in my car to drive to the event.  Oops! Silk doesn’t have the same minute elasticity that cotton does. No one else noticed though, so it wasn’t a huge deal. I fixed it when I got home and washed the dress to hang back up waiting for a photo-shoot.

I wash my silk. I know that this is taffeta and really should be dry cleaned so it stays crisp, but I can’t be bothered. Hand washing doesn’t bug me at all, I just hate having to leave the house to clean my clothes. Also, it’s a dress I’ll wear once every couple years, so the bi-annual washing isn’t going to be too big of a strain on it. I washed it before sewing with it, so shrinkage isn’t too much of a concern.

I might make this pattern again in the full skirt view.  I just love that puffy skirt!  I’m seriously considering only wearing party dresses from now on so I have an excuse to sew a dozen of them up.  They’re my favourite to sew as they just look so pretty.

OK, I lied. There is also another photo of this dress, but it's not very good.  Taken before hemming:

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