Monday, 9 March 2015

Finished: Colette Moneta Dress

I've made the Colette Moneta dress before, and haven't taken photos of it yet.  Whoops.  But here's my second version of it anyway.

I used this picture I came across on Pinterest as my inspiration for the lace.

The fabric is a Merino wool jersey I bought at Save-On fabrics in the Newton neighbourhood of Surrey.  For anyone local, I recommend stopping in that shop at least for a look about.  The most common question I get about Save-On fabrics is "Is it a really Indian shop?" and I totally get that.  The proprietors are Indian, and there is a wall of polyesters suitable for Saris and Punjabi Suits, but the rest of the shop is very western.  There is a lovely selection of silks, a row of wool coating, and a great selection of technical outerwear fabrics.  I think it's my third favourite fabric store for actual fabrics.  There are very few trims, no patterns, and almost zero notions.  Not even thread.  Fabricland is still my favourite for threads and notions.

Anyway, this wool was something like $6.99 a metre.  Fabulous price!  So I bought my standard 3 metres for anything I'm not sure what to make with it, and it sat in the stash for 7 months.  I had an Issey Miyake pattern I was trying to fit on it, but that wasn't working out.  Also, Issey Miyake patterns really benefit from an elasticized fabric.  But this is a nice, spongy wool that has a very low itch factor.

I took the collar from the Moxie Patterns Verity dress.  I did it the wrong way and just applied that pattern piece to this pattern without measuring first.  The Moneta neckline is much larger than the Moxie one, so I had to do a lot of easing in.  Thank goodness it's in jersey, so it worked out, but I should have just drafted a new split cowl collar to fit this specific neckline. Honestly, I was being lazy. I wasn't 100% sure what the pattern piece should look like, so I bought the Moxie pattern to look at it.  I like the whole dress, and will likely make it another time, but the piece was just a rectangle, which I should have worked out on my own. Ah well, live and learn.

The buttons were bought on Etsy from Shannon Passero.  I love them.  The lace is nicely in the middle so it's in there permanently.  I just love over-large buttons.

The instructions for this dress have you gather the skirt using clear elastic.  This was a new technique to me, and on my first go around I did just that.  I forgot how itchy clear elastic is! I had to cover it because it was so uncomfortable.  This time, I decided to just use white braided 1/2" elastic instead.  It works the same, but doesn't itch.  Much better!

For the hem, I did a scallop stitch with my machine and then snipped it out to emphasize the shape.  I thought it would look super cute with the lace edges.

  The lace is from Fabricland and is 2 1/2" wide.  I'm on the fence about adding another round of lace just below the armholes.  I think it might look silly and box in my bust, but I might just be over thinking.  Opinions?

This is currently my favourite dress.  I say that about every dress when I finish it, but I mean it!  I get lots of compliments on this when I wear it.  My favourite is the men my dad's age who tell me it's a very pretty dress when I'm out shopping.  They're always genuinely pleased when I say I made it myself and then their wives usually tell me about how they used to sew.  It's super cute.

Now, If you'll excuse me, I'm going to experiment with dying this wool so I can go buy the rest of the bolt and make my entire wardrobe out of it. The pinky-red colour is super distinctive, so I can't just make things out of it as is.  Then everyone would suspect that I am wearing the same thing every day.

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