Sunday, 29 March 2015

Of wide leg jeans

Once upon a time, in a land somewhat far from here, there was a young woman who liked to dress in a somewhat shocking manner. Being the early 00’s, shocking styles weren’t hard to come by. I think that whole new millennium thing was way too exciting for some people so space-age clothes and a slight post-apocalyptic flair influenced the trends.

Ripped Jeans

Belly shirts

Metallic anything

So much metallic.

But also, being Canadians, there were a lot of cultural influences involved. Short skirts weren’t practical in the winter, and polyester wasn’t in the summer.  One of the ways Canadians survive the extremes of their seasons is to always adapt to their environment.

(side note: I actually don’t remember a lot of fashion trends from high school.  I remember that Columbia brand Bugaboo coats were the winter must-have for the stylish set, and almost everyone wore those awful GAP hoodies.)

This young woman dressed in a way that had her dad comparing her wardrobe to Zoot suits. Excessively wide leg jeans.  The most excessive, the better.

Burda pattern, but adapted to use the entire width of the 150cm fabric.

Now, she lived in a small town, a farming community, where the “acceptable” clothing shops were in Brantford, about a 45 minute drive away, and the “good” shops were in the large city just over an hour’s drive away.  Of course, the “best” shopping was had in Toronto, which was about a three hour drive depending on traffic and how many wrong turns you took once in the city. So, styles were limited to whatever you found in town, whatever you ordered from the Sears Catalogue, and whatever you bought on your semi-annual shopping trip to Hamilton or London. The jeans I really liked were sold somewhat locally at the Jean Machine in Tillsonburg.  I loved the JNCO jeans to no end.  However, my clothing budget at the time didn’t allow for $200 jeans.  It didn’t even allow for a $200 winter coat and that was a garment of survival.  So I sewed my own.

My friend Trish modelling my JNCO knock-offs.

(another side note: 10 points to anyone who can guess the town I went to school in based on my description of the shopping choices.)

Not pants, but a skirt.  Same spirit.
And it was glorious.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the wide leg jean look on you!!!!! You pull it off so nicely...!!! And the top is super cute..!!

    1. Thank you! Being tall always did make it easier to pull of the wide leg look. The top is a Spark shirt, the youngest girl guide members. The whole thing says "I promise to share and be a friend" which is beyond adorable. :D