Thursday, 23 April 2015

Custom labels

Lookie what I have!

Well... this is the digital file anyway.  I may have forgot to take a photo...
Custom made labels for my brand!  Hoorah!  These are going to be sewn into all the garments I make now.  They're a nice, soft organic twill cotton with a screen printed graphic.  I ordered these on Etsy from Mountain Street Arts and found the service to be perfect.  I had a proof the same day I sent in my graphic, and they were printed and shipped the next.  The seller kept me informed of my status.

I haven't washed any yet, so I can't comment on the durability or colour-fastness, but I don't forsee any problems.

I feel a bit strange having custom labels made to be honest.  It feels so... adult. So... responsible.  Like an investment, even more so than my business cards do. I'm trying to create a brand for myself, and find it a little difficult to make sure everything ties in together.  I love colour, and rainbows, and lots and lots of colours.  The shop that did up my business cards only had a few designs to choose from and not really anything custom.  So I chose my favourite from their selection and kind of built up on that.  Teal isn't my favourite colour, I'd have preferred red, but it's a nice colour, so I'll work with it.  I have to fight the urge to add different colours and other cats to my logo and graphics.  It's really hard.

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