Saturday, 11 April 2015

Expressions to make mainstream

Maybe I'll make this a regular feature if I can keep coming up with them.

We'll start with two from my parents.

"Down to Mojos" - Being down to your last penny.  origin: My father.  As a child, candies were a penny each, but Mojos were 2 for a penny.  When his friends were down to their last penny, they'd all buy Mojos to make it last a bit longer.  Seeing a friend eating a mojo would inspire empathetic "You're down to mojos, eh?"

"Tropical Moment" - Hot Flash.  Origin: My mother.  At a family reunion several years ago my mum and her sisters / sisters-in-law were embarrassed to admit to hot flashes but worked around it by declaring a tropical moment instead.

Hot Flash?

Nah son, just a tropical moment.
I totally used this during pregnancy hot flashes.  Too good not to.

Thoughts and opinions?  Want to hear more of these?  My family is full of humour, I can get a good list going.

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