Thursday, 16 April 2015

Finished project: Ginger Shorts

Woohoo!  I'm all done now!  Well, you know, the shorts anyway.  The pants are still only a thought.  But knowing that I only have to make a minor change to the pattern before cutting it out again is amazing.  I love it when a pattern fits as drafted.

Pattern: Ginger by Closet Case Files
Size: 14
Fabric: stretch denim from Fabricana.  Managed to get all but the waistband out of a 1m remnant I had left from my last jeans.  Contrast is left over from a dress made 10 years ago.
Modifications: Chopped the pattern off at the “lengthen or shorten here” line to make them shorts.
Mods for next time: Take out a ¼” wedge from the back, add length to the pants (possibly 1.5”)  (Edit after wearing the shorts for a few hours: Go down a size.  Denim is super super stretchy)

I love this pattern!  I mean, I’m a bit iffy on skinny jeans as I hate having fabric tight on my calves and ankles, but I can totally do “Stovepipe”.  I have to be able to get my socks on underneath the jeans.

I also tapered in my Jalie jeans a bit.  They were really quite flared and it was not only making my legs look thicker than they are, but also picking up a lot of water in puddles.  Flared jeans are not practical in Vancouver rain.  I would call them more of a bootcut now.  Not skinny by any means, but no longer standing out from my legs.

Hell-o flat bum!  I feel a rounder bum would balance out my large bust better.

I hammered on the rivets and jeans button with some help from the kids.  I really couldn’t keep them away from it, actually.  They saw me take tools out for sewing and were by my side in an instant.  Aki did pretty well with it, but Itsa totally missed the point of the hammering.  She was all over hitting the board with the hammer instead of the fabric.

Photos were taken before belt loops, hammering, and hemming.  Now to cut the next pair out!

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