Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Monthly soap update - April 2015

Soap making has been going full swing here in our house.  I like how quick it is to whip up a batch and the kids can help me with a lot of it.  Obviously, they can't help with the lye, but they can help measure out oils and additives, and Aki can help with the stick blending, while Itsa enjoys playing with the measuring spoons and such.  So far, for April we've made:

Castile soap - Olive oil and lye, nothing else.


Chocolate hazelnut

Honey oat

Coconut Lime 

Castile Soap - second batch with the loaf mold.

I also started a journal with the recipes I used, and any changes I'd make to them.  I have left all the soaps to dry out and cure, except one bar of castile from the first batch that I took to use in the shower.  I love this soap!  It's creamy, doesn't really suds, but feels wonderful on my skin.  I can even use it to wash my face with!  I've never been able to take a bar of soap to my face, it always dry it out or causes a break out.

When making soap, I've followed the same principles as I do when making food.  The fewer ingredients, the better.  Especially the fewer synthetic ingredients.  However, I may start to work with more fragrance oils in the future.  I know they're synthetically derived esters, but they do smell so good.

I'm also going to start selling them in my Etsy shop.  The label will be Aki and Itsa and all profits will go to them. 70% to their education funds, and 15% each to their everyday savings.  The initial supply costs and Etsy fees are my gifts to them, and the cost of new batches will be taken off the top.  This helps alleviate the anxiety I have over not starting education funds for them yet.  Neither Spart nor I were able to get a post-secondary education due to lack of money, so we both feel very strongly about saving for our children's future.  Ideally, we'll have enough money for an undergrad degree costs and rent, and they'll only need part time or summer jobs for spending money.  Wish me luck!

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