Thursday, 2 April 2015

Old sewing projects

Throwback Thursday time!

The quilt we made in grade 10 sewing (2000).  In a group of 6 we each embroidered one square and made one 4 square patch.  Then we put them all together with sashing in between.  Our sashing and binding is a glow-in-the-dark fabric.  We then donated our quilts to Project Linus which gives kids in need homemade blankets.  At that time, they focused on kids with cancer, but they seem to have grown and branched out since then.

Here is my prom outfit from Grade 13 (2003):

It's actually two pieces as seen here:

Looking back, I'm a bit mortified by that skirt.  I liked bottoms to hang from my hips and pool on the floor.  So the skirt both sits too low and is too long to actually look right.

The bustier is Simplicity 7009 and the skirt is Simplicity 1560.  This still lurks at the back of my closet.  (The boy is my high school boyfriend and we were in the middle of breaking up during this time.  Some of the photos I'm practically snarling at the camera in!)

The bustier was a bit ambitious at the time.  I wish I had thought about the lining a little more at the time.  I used a crape back satin for the outfit, and lined the bustier in the same.  With the satin side out.  No wonder I had to yank it up a few times!  Also, I used a satin cording for the lace back.  Oh my word, what a poor job I did on it!  I know how I'd do it better now.

Projects from working at Fabricland (2004):

This is a skirt I still wear.  A little higher than before, but I still wear it. Burda 8611 made from a wonderful tie-dye stretch denim.  I just bought the pattern again so I can have it on hand (I used it a few times and it was cut too small for me figure now, so I gave it away.).  It has a cute little godet at the back for ease of movement.

This sundress I do not wear anymore and purged from my wardrobe about 8 years ago.  Simplicity 5493.  The dress has a nice shape to it, and I might make it up again in the sleeveless version rather than the halter top version.  It has an interesting top shape in the sleeveless.

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