Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pattern Filing

I file my patterns.  My job as an Admin Assistant includes filing, so this seemed natural, also, when we moved in 2011 Spart bought a lot of Banker's Boxes thinking we'd be able to use them as storage boxes in the new house.  I had a lot of those to work with, and saw Beauty for Ashes organize her pattern collection on Pinterest, and the whole thing came together just like that.  I have 2.5 boxes of patterns at the moment (150-ish) with the Jalie patterns hanging out somewhere else until they stop being A4 size.  The nerve!  Actually, they can probably fit in the box now that I've given up on putting the tops back on.

Some of my digital downloads needed a larger folder to hold everything together.  All the instruction pages plus the thicker paper and tape made them really really bulky.  No worries!  Dollarama had these pretty little expanded folders that work perfectly for this.

On the patterns I've used, I cut up the envelope and glue it to the front of the folder.  The sides of the folders are stapled together to make a nice little pouch, and the pattern company and number is written on the tab.  I can usually remember the company if nothing else.  I then organised the patterns by garment type with "kids" and "men's" just kind of lumped together.  

I never really had a problem with folding my patterns back to their original size after use, but I find it a relief to not even have to try anymore.  I can just fold until they're the size of a sheet of letter paper and then put them away.  The instruction sheets only need to be folded in half now, so that saves on some bulk.  And I can even cut the larger Vogue pattern envelopes down to the right size to glue to the front.  The booklet style patterns like Colette are easy to just photocopy the cover and glue on.

I'll probably be buying more patterns as digital downloads now.  It can be annoying to tape the pieces together, but I love the convenience of being able to slash up the pattern and not worry if I ruin it.  I can simply print a new one and start over again!  This is also perfect for commission sewing as I can make a garment in a specific size for a client and not worry if she is smaller than me.  No more tracing so as to preserve the other sizes or tracing so I can then slash and spread or change up necklines or whatever.  I can just print a new one, file the one I altered away in case I want to do it again, and start all over.  I tried to convince myself to just slash up my printed patterns as I needed because I probably wouldn't sew the pattern again, but I just can't.

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