Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sewing cat

Cats are my favourite animal.  You know, just in case you haven't guessed that yet.

The four kittens we fostered grooming each other after supper
I have two cats at home, Ebony and Babe.  They are from the same litter and were adopted from VOKRA in 2006.  My roommate at the time and I fostered them and their two brothers and then my (then) boyfriend (now husband) adopted our cats because he fell in love with them.  I grew up with cats, but Spart didn't.  It was a novelty for him to have pets in the house, (Also, it was a novelty for him to have a basement when we moved into our current house.  He lived in apartments his whole life).

I've never had house cats and never ones so devoted and loving as these cats are.  Babe is in love with Spart.  She follows him around and begs for pets and to be carried around by him.  With me, she is mostly a kitchen cat who is always either underfoot or overfoot when I'm in the kitchen.  She also tolerates the kids, but only cuddles up to them when they're already asleep.  Babe knew I was pregnant both times before I did and stuck by my side for the whole pregnancies.

Ebony is the cat who adores me.  She follows me around the house, tries to convince me that anytime is nap time, and often trips me on the stairs.  She's also a cat-of-all-trades who likes to inspect our plumbing, tilework, painting, sewing, knitting, and other general repairs/crafts.  She is the nurse who helps look down our throats when they're sore, who tries to see what object is irritating our eyes (hint: it's cat fur) and who makes sure we're warm enough when lying in bed with a fever.  She has started sleeping with me at night and now demands I tuck her in my blanket with me, head on my pillow and everything.

I'm helping.  These camping blankets won't go together without me.
Ebby's main talent is sewing.  She's spent many hours honing her skills.

Seam ripping

Sewing jeans

adjusting the lighting
That's my cat.  What a silly thing.


  1. How sweet! I lost my two cats in an ugly divorce (yep… he wanted to keep them). They had opposite personalities, just like yours. But one of them (rescue called Nudnik) LOVED to sit in my lap and monitor my sewing.

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear your cats went with your ex. That's just makes a sucky situation even worse. Nudnik is such a cute name for a kitty though! I'm going to file that one away for future reference.