Thursday, 9 April 2015

WIP: Ginger shorts

While casually ignoring the half-finished pyjamas I have to work on, I started sewing up some Ginger jeans.  The only pair of RTW jeans I own have just started to split on the inside crotch, which leaves me with only the Jalie jeans I made in the winter.  I want to taper the legs in on those jeans, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  It means rehemming them at the narrower width.  I think I will wait until I’m hemming the jeans I’m working on, because, you know; motivation.

Down to only one pair of jeans, I decided that making a new pair was my top sewing priority as small children and their sticky hands mean I can’t guarantee a pair of jeans will be clean enough to wear again after a Saturday at home, which leaves me pantsless for Sunday.  Ideally, I’ll have two pairs of new jeans soon for a total of three pairs, but we’ll see how my sewing mojo is after these shorts and jeans.

I decided on the Closet Case Files Ginger jeans this go around.  I like the Jalie jeans, but they were missing that extra oomph I was hoping for from my jeans.  I’m a fan of Buffalo brand jeans as they make my bum look good and come in a longer length.  They’re pricier, but not extravagantly so, at around $100 a pair.  Of course though, I am not buying clothes anymore, meaning I needed to make some.
Front sewn, now to choose a zipper and rivets colour.

After my Jalie jeans, I went back to Fabricana and bought 5 additional metres of the denim I had
used.  It’s a super stretchy denim that is so comfy but looks nice, and I knew I could get 2 or 3 more pairs of jeans out of 5 metres.  At minimum, 2 pairs of jeans and a straight jean skirt.  I also had 1 metre left over from the other pair, which was the perfect amount to do up a pair of shorts to test the fit of the Gingers.  Shorts don’t get a lot of wear from me as I prefer skirts, but sometimes I need the coverage and movement shorts provide, I like to have 2 or 3 pairs on hand.  Camping, playing, amusement parks, and bike riding all are more comfortable in shorts, but usually ends in getting dirty.  Three pairs of shorts is a summer minimum with at least one being nylon board shorts that dry quickly for water activities, one being a heavier fabric to look nice for social events, and one being hardwearing and totally washable for rolling around in mud puddles.  Again, taking a cue from my children and their lack of concern for their clothes.

Brass tone is the winner with this denim.

Girl, look at that fly!

So good!

The shorts are going along quite well.  I did the most excellent fly front on them that had me almost in tears with its beauty.  I’ve only sewn a fly twice before, and both were sub-par, but this one is gorgeous.  Too bad, as I can’t go showing it off while I’m wearing the garment.  I’d have a lot of people shouting at me to put my pants back on.  I did have to study my RTW jeans to understand what the instructions were saying to me, but sometimes I’m a visual learner like that.  I am nearly at a place where I can try on the shorts to see if they are the right size, which is exciting.  I hate the uncertainty I have with choosing sizes in sewing patterns.  I understand how it can seem daunting to a newbie sewist to choose a size based on the measurements given.  You have to place a lot of trust in the designer to not add in too much ease for your own tastes.  You know, to be a mind reader.  Tissue fitting this pattern didn’t work as well as other ones I’ve done recently because of the desired negative ease and the stiffness of the copy paper not curving around my backside easily.  So, I’m kind of winging it here, trusting Heather Lou’s judgement.  She has more of a booty than I do, (because I have approximately zero bum) so I am already prepared to remove some of the crotch curve.  I’m also relying heavily on pocket placement to shape and flatter.  From the research I did online (finding sewing/fashion blogs talking about jeans and back pocket placement and comparing the images) I’ve decided that the most flattering pocket placement is as if the pockets were hands cupping one’s bum.  Like in perfume ads when the man is lifting the woman  in a suggestive manner and she has her jean-clad legs wrapped around his waist.  Where his hands are placed on her bum is where jean pockets should be placed.  No wonder tight jeans are considered sexy!

I had to google search for "bum grab jeans" to find the sort of image I was going for.


  1. Nice flies ;) Have you seen that buying flattering jean blog a few years ago that went into great depth about pocket placement/ fit for body shape? Such a difference for such a small detail.

  2. Thank you! I read something a few years ago titled "never buy jeans at the gap" or something. That was about pockets. A real eye opener! Of course, now when someone walks by with jeans on I'm checking out their back pockets.