Saturday, 9 May 2015

Finished Project: Ginger Jeans

Who's got awesome new jeans?

This girl!

Who's feeling super confident in her ability to sew a good fly front?

This girl!

Who's on a Finished Project High?

This girl! 
Who can't think of a more glamourous photo backdrop than the kid's toy area of her living room?  Apparently, also this girl.

Closet Case Files Ginger jeans in low rise view, size 12.  Denim from Fabricana in Coquitlam, feels like a brushed flannel on the outside and a scuba knit on the inside.  I thought it was more yoga pant like, but after making three pairs of jeans with it I finally figured out that it smells like a wet suit, which means it's a scuba knit.  Slightly embarrassed that it took me that long to figure it out.

Anyway, I'm so pleased with these jeans!  I used some leftover quilting cotton for the pockets and inside waistband.  I bought this fabric from Fabricland five or six years ago just because it's pretty.  I made a thing that goes over the arm of the couch with it, and that's all.  I think I had plans to sew a cover for my serger with it... but that didn't happen.  I should get on that...


I did no pattern modifications except add length.  I didn't add enough, though!  Only 1.5 inches when I knew, KNEW, I should have added more.  So the hems are cheats.  They're serged and only turned once.  Not as sturdy as I like my jean hems to be, but otherwise fine.  No one will ever know.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I usually just add tons of length so I can chop it off at the end.  Better too much than not enough, right?  But I didn't this time for some reason and paid the price.

The back pockets are free motion machine drawing again.  I love doing that!

And this is my first ever flat felled seam.  It was super easy to do and I just love it.  Definitely going to do it to all my jeans in the future.  I have no idea why I was a bit intimidated by the technique.  It doesn't really take much more time than serging and top-stitching.

Finished a couple days into May, so I'm still on track for my sewing goals.  (What unfinished pyjamas?  They're marinating.)  Two (or probably three) swimsuits this month.  The swimsuit I made last year was quick, one evening to cut out and one evening to sew.  This has me hopeful for completing an extra project or two.  In fact, after all this jean making I have a sundress lined up to sneak in my schedule.  Stash fabric again, something I picked up at the thrift shop a few months ago because I can't resist a border print.  And since I walk to work, I wear dresses all summer to keep cool and who doesn't need another sundress?

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