Thursday, 14 May 2015

Finished project: Kandel Knits 75

Part 1 of May's sewing schedule is complete: Swimsuit for Itsa.

I really like the simple design of this pattern.  It's open to a lot of customization, and provides full bum coverage.  I didn't want to cut up my original pattern, so I photocopied it.  I thought about tracing, but the pieces were so small, and I know I'll make it again next year, so I went the easier route of photocopying the whole thing, then printing it out in tiles and taping it together.  If I need a larger size next year, I can just print it out again.  I really like the convenience of digital patterns.

Since this pattern is from 1970, it's a bit outdated in it's suggested fabrics and techniques.  I kind of just winged it based on my underwear and bra sewing experience.  Winging it is usually when I run into trouble, but I think this was basic enough to be fine.  The only thing I would change would be to buy the narrower swimsuit elastic.  Itsa is tiny, she doesn't need the wider elastics I like in my suits.  I hope I remember that next year when I make her another suit.

This is a functional swimsuit, and Itsa is dying to jump into the pool once it opens this weekend.  I may need to make her a second one if we go to the pool often, but based on previous experience, I don't think it'll be necessary.

The details:

Pattern: Kandel Knits 75 - Vintage 1970 pattern from a Portland OR knitting mill 

Fabric: Swimsuit nylon/spandex purchased from Our Social Fabric.  I paid something around $0.25 for a half metre end piece and have enough left to make a second swimsuit.  Also used some left over swimwear lining I had kicking around.

Mods: The pattern called for straight straps that fastened with buttons in the back.  Due to the spandex content of the pattern I decided to sew the straps down instead.  I also crossed them in the back so they'll stay on Itsa's shoulders.  I then added a ruffle under the bust elastic because I could.  I used this nifty vintage tool I found in a thrift shop that measures out even pleats.

Conclusion: Itsa has informed me she is ready for the pool.  Totally a winner of a pattern which will see a lot of use.

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