Saturday, 2 May 2015

Helloooooo out there

This is a little awkward to ask, but I'm dying to know.  Who are my readers?  I've had over 2000 page views and only a few comments.  I am having a moment of self-doubt with respect to this.  "Am I boring?  Two thousand page views and hardly any conversation!  Is this 2000 people viewing once and then deciding I'm not exciting enough for a revisit?  Do I just need some more content?  Am I not sewing fast enough, people only come for the Finished Object parades, right?  Do I explain things too well and leave no room for questions?  Why are people only lurking?!?!?"

The most obvious answer is because my audience is mostly people who don't feel a need to comment on my content.  I know a few ladies from the RavTav are regular readers (hi!) as well as my Ravelmamas (hello!), but I am not sure who else.

So, if you could please give me a wave in the comments, it'll really help me to know who my audience is.  Maybe you only come for the cat photos.  Maybe you stopped coming because of the cat photos (probably best you left now then.  The cats have many years of life left so the photos won't stop any time soon.)

Thank you!


  1. I read, but don't usually have anything interesting to say. I'm in the same boat, honestly. Lots of readers, but not many comments. In fact, I think you were the last person to comment on one of my posts!

  2. Hi! I googled self-made wardrobes and found you. I love your writing and the stuff you make. I have been reading your blog from the start. In my dreams, I make my own clothes. In real life, I'm just getting acquainted with a sewing machine, doing small mending jobs and sewing pillow slipcovers.

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and dropping a line! Out of curiosity after reading your comment, I googled "self made wardrobe" and found two new blogs to follow. Thank you!
      So happy to hear you're getting into sewing now. Mending is an excellent skill to have and to start with as it lets you examine the commercial construction of a garment up close. Sewing pillow slipcovers is also a great skill builder. Straight lines, you can do piecing, button holes, hems if you want. Keep me posted on your sewing progress, I'll be your cheerleader. :D