Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Off the wagon, but only a slip

Well, I knew it would be a huge challenge to go a year without buying any fabric at all.  I just love the potential that a length of fabric represents.  It could be anything I want it to be!  And since I'm not buying clothes, it's nice to buy fabrics I fall in love with.

So, when Blackbird fabrics sent out the April newsletter announcing new fabrics, I caved.  She had hot pink linen / rayon!!!  Caroline, you're such a temptress.

Look at it!

Hmm?  What's that you say?  Something else in the bag?

Just a little shirting cotton.

And maybe some sheep.  I can never resist sheep.

I have plans for all of these though!  Truly!

I promptly removed myself from the Blackbird Fabrics mailing list.  And Fabricana mailing list.  I obviously can't trust myself when it's delivered right to me.

I'm hoping to save money to go on a trip to Montreal next year.  My BFF moved there 8 years ago and I've never been to visit!  Plus, after a year of fabric fasting I'll be able to restock in the Garment District.  :D  

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