Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Self control

Well, self-control, and my lack thereof.

I should never be allowed in the Fabric store alone.  I went to Fabricland on Friday to buy a McCall's pattern, and walked out with this gorgeous Imported knit:

100% cotton, "Imported from Germany" with a border print in width-wise repeat panels!  I bought 3.5 metres, which was 4 full repeats.

At 150cm wide, this is a lot of garment potential.  I could do another Moneta dress, but I am thinking a Violet by Blue Ginger Doll.  I love the neckline in this dress, and would do the short sleeve version.

I'd just love to get two panels in the skirt and pleat them instead of gathering, but that seems like SO MUCH fabric in a knit dress and I'm afraid of bogging it down.  The only thing to do, really, is to cut out the top and then baste two panels to it and hang it up to see if it stretches out of shape.  (Optimistic, but I know pretty much for sure that it'll be too heavy.)

I need to go back to Fabricland today.  I ran out of thread 3/4 of the way through my swim suit last night and need to buy more.  I hope I can get in and out with just thread.  They shouldn't have anything new and shiny in less than a week, right?

On a related note, apparently Simplicity doesn't sell patterns in Canada anymore.  You can buy them online and they'll be shipped out, or you can purchase PDFs, but the Assistant Manager at Fabricland told me that they don't sell their patterns in retail stores in Canada anymore, but she's pretty sure you can still buy them in retails stores in the USA.  Disappointing.  Looks like I'm done buying Simplicity patterns then!  Humph.

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