Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Failed project: Felicity dress

Sundresses are my favourite thing to wear in the summer.  I could live in them, I think.

This a super cute fabric I found at a thrift store earlier this year.  I wasn't going to buy any fabric, but I can never resist a border print.  I think it looks like fabric meant for curtains, but whatever.  What is a sundress for if not to be a little whimsical?

The plan was to use the Felicity Dress by Jennifer Lauren Vintage as it's just super cute and looks so nice and summery.  The reality is I cut a size too small, added too much length at the waist, and the fabric is just too sheer for me to be happy using it in a dress.  So, it had a lot going against it:

Nice seam finishes though.

Ick.  Now, I could have easily just cut the black part down to about 1.5", and it would have been the right proportions then, but it's still just a bit too small.  And the sheerness.  Plus, honestly, I'm just so underwhelmed by that bodice. The print is so great at the bottom, but at the top it's so, so boring.  I'd have to add applique or something to help it out, and I just wasn't in the mood.

So I made a skirt instead.  A nice, simple, summer skirt.  Yay!

Much better. The angle of the camera is what's making me look super pudgy.  I mean, I am a bit overweight, but it doesn't look that bad if you're seeing me from higher than tabletop height.

I just sewed a 2" black elastic to the waistband, same as Scruffy Badger Time did last week.  I did already have the idea, but seeing her skirt confirmed that it was the best thing to do to.  Finished it with a rolled hem, just because.  I actually didn't cut the selvage off, so I didn't need to hem it at all, but I wanted a line of stitching at the bottom.

Overlocked the top edge with a zigzag stitch and overlock foot.  Then zigzagged the elastic to the top of the skirt, stretching to fit.

Now I just need to sew up a tank top to wear with it and we're all good.  Total cost of project was about $4 and hey, I figured out what size to sew up next time!  I have many suitable fabrics in my stash, I'll get around to it.  It's a quick pattern and super cute.  

Next up is a commission sewing project.

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