Monday, 29 June 2015

Finished Project: Sewaholic Tofino shorts

When the weather turned hot a couple weeks ago, I tried on all my shorts.  Twenty minutes later Spartacus found me crying in the closet because only the pair I had made in April fit me.  He asked what we could do to fix this, and I answered that we could sit in the kitchen and eat ice cream.  This wasn't the solution he had in mind.

I decided instead to sew up two more pairs of shorts and stop eating crap.  I cut out all the pasta and started taking spinach and strawberry salads to work for lunch.  It's a nice place to start. This is actually a really ... personal... thing for me, so I'll not go into details.  You can message me if you want to know more about my plans or history, or offer support or advice.

First up was a pair of board shorts for water-related activities.  I find board shorts are a must for my summer wardrobe for going to the spray park or the beach, or something more involved like kayaking or canoeing.  (Not for surfing though.  This is the North Pacific, surfing involves a wetsuit.)  I bought a cute surf print at Fabricland for $4/m from the discount section.  At 150 cm wide I only needed 1 m for a pair of shorts, so good deal.  The fabric is branded as Charlie Rocket, which appears to be an upscale kidswear brand from California.  Nice!  It's always a bonus to find branded fabric at Fabricland.  I once found a Roxy cotton that I made a cute skirt from.

I couldn't find a board short specific pattern for women, only for boys and men.  I could have used Jalie 2678, as I did buy it for my son, but I wasn't really feeling it for myself.  Mostly because it was just too cut up for only one fabric choice, and I didn't want to buy more.  Instead, I chose Sewaholic's Tofino shorts.  Elastic waist shorts / pants are usually reserved for house wear, but the tie on this pattern really makes them look non-pyjama enough to wear anywhere casual.

I cut the size 12 and didn't make any adjustments other than to the length.  The fit is exactly what I wanted!  I needed to take off two inches of length to get all the pieces on the fabric following the grainlines.  I also like my board shorts shorter than my other shorts.  They're going to get wet, so I want them to dry quicker by removing all the extra fabric possible, but I still want to be comfortable, so I didn't make them short shorts.  I think I will add a pocket to these next time I make them.  I don't really want to split a side seam to put in integrated pockets, so I'll just note it for next time.  I think putting one on the side piece in the seamlines and then just hemming the top and adding velcro would work really well.  It would also give me a place for my keys.

The piping was in my stash from one of my thrift store sewing notions scores.  I think it matches quite well, but I would have chosen orange if I were buying piping or fabric.  I like orange.  The only thing I think I should have did better was the waistband top stitching.  I did a poor job on that.  I needed to wear these shorts the day I finished them (Did I mention how quick they were?  Cut out one night, sewed up the next, and hemmed the following morning.) so I didn't go back and fix anything.

This is my first Sewaholic pattern for myself!  I'm super happy about that.

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