Monday, 1 June 2015

May soap update

There was a slow down in my soap production for May.  I'm not selling it yet, but have more than enough for my own needs.  This means that I'm sitting on the stuff I already have, waiting for it to cure fully and then package and label it for sale.  It looks scary seeing all that soap and not knowing if I'll get any sales of it.  I suppose starting any venture is like that though.  I have given out a few bars for testing and am waiting for the feedback now.

I went with some milk soaps to improve my skills there, and did two with carrots in them just because, yay carrots!  The Roobios and orange was because I have a cupboard full of tea that I have no intention of drinking.  I bought it a few years ago when I was trying to like tea, but I just.don'  Pity, as I thought it would be a fantastic hobby.

Spat bought me a light box for Mother's Day.  It was neither the Opera tickets nor the pearl necklace I had asked for, but it was something useful, so ... there's that.  (That man is the worst gift giver ever.  I love wrapped gifts with lots of thought put in them, and he doesn't. It's a constant point of difference.)

Carrot soap

Buttermilk carrot Bastile soap

goat's milk

Roobios and Orange

In June I want to do some pumpkin soap, which should cure in time for fall, and because I have a tin of pumpkin puree in the pantry that just passed expiration.  It should still be good, but why chance it on something edible?  I'm also looking at a calamine aloe soap as Itsa has itchy skin.  I've switched her to castile soap and the doctor prescribed a medicated foam to rub on her, but that'll run out in a couple weeks.  It's helped a lot though, she no longer has alligator skin on her torso.  Poor baby.   

I also want to do a coffee soap as I have a cupboard full of coffee that Spart doesn't like, and then a mojito one because MmmmMMMmm.  You can follow my pinterest board for soap here if you want.  I always check out the pins before I pin them to make sure they're the correct links and the recipe is actually doable.

Aki and I finished off the melt and pour base we had, so I need to buy some more.  He really loves to make melt and pour with me as he can do more of it then he can with the cold process.

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