Monday, 8 June 2015

What I love about Indie patterns

I just love Indie patterns.  Not only are they reflective of an individual designer's style, and generally better tested and drafted than BMV patterns, they're also a great canvas for instructions:

"If your machine will cooperate" Ginger Jeans, Closet Case Files

Bombshell suit, Closet Case Files

Encouragement that the end is in sight, Jutland Pants - Thread Theory Designs

Boy cut underpants by Kitsy coo

Odette Dress, Blue Ginger Doll
It's nice to see this humour and encouragement in the patterns.  Sometimes there's instructions like "I know this sounds crazy, but just do it this way and I promise it'll be good".  This really makes the whole sewing garment thing more fun, and it can bring me out of a seriousness suck where I get uber focused on my sewing and forget to relax and let it be.

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