Monday, 6 July 2015

Finished Project: Bombshell Bikini

Woohoo!  Both May projects done before the end of the month!  That's not likely to happen again.  Swimsuits are so quick to sew and so forgiving of fit.  (I know it's July before I am blogging this one.  Life got in my way.)

I used Closet Case Files' Bombshell pattern, view C with a top made from View A.  Every photo I've seen online of this suit looks amazing.  I think the center back seam really adds that extra oomph to the design.  It adds a bit of shaping without overdoing it, and makes it flattering on so many body types.

I am super happy with the bottoms, but less so with the top.  Maybe I'm just over picky with how my top half is represented.  It's totally functional and looks alright though, so I'm sure I'll get over it.

I cut a size 12 for the bottoms and an 18 for the top.  I agonized over adding foam cups to the top for days.  In the end, I just decided that it wasn't comfortable.  I really don't care for foam in my bras and swimsuits, so I figured why bother using it here.

The fabric is regular ol' nylon / spandex for swimsuits.  I bought it at an Our Social Fabric sale last year for some crazy low price.  Maybe a quarter or something.  Isn't this just the best teal ever, though?  I scored quite a bit of nylon spandex swimwear fabric from that one sale I attended.  It was totally worth the trek into Vancouver on a hot, hot Sunday last August.

The swimming pool in our townhouse complex opened on the May long weekend, and so did all the spray parks in the Metro area.  I also could go lounge on the beach with this suit, but I usually only do that a couple times a summer.  With small children it's less lounging and more "DON'T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH!"  Aki is not so bad, he usually takes a pail and collects little crabs, but Itsa is determined to eat something from the tide pools.  Makes it less relaxing.

Pass the sunscreen, please!

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