Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Finished Project: silk top

My favourite part of any fabric store is the remnant bin.  I love, love, love the treasure hunt that it can be.

What can I say?  I just love anything that feels like a quest.  As a kid, I always had something or other that I was collecting.  It became a quest to finish the set of baseball cards, Barbies, Superman Comics, or Battle Beasts.  I loved it!  As an adult living in this digital age, collecting sets is less exciting.  I can just search online for almost anything and it'll be available for purchase from somewhere.  Except the Toejam and Earl video game for Sega Genesis. I have never found that, and stopped looking once I was able to download it onto my Wii.  My bother has our old Genesis now, so I have no need for it anyway.

So, now I hunt for bargains at fabric stores, thrift shops, and garage sales.  The remnants bin holds many treasures for kids' garments, contrast fabrics, or luxury fabrics I couldn't otherwise afford.  I've collected fabrics to make dresses for the entire cast of Disney princesses in the remnant bin (upcoming birthday gift for Itsa.  It'll be great.)  And the last time I rummaged through the bins at Fabricana I came up with a metre each of pink silk charmuse and knit sequin fabric.  I'll parade out the sequin garment at a later date.

What does one do with 1 metre of silk charmuse?  During a heat wave, a floaty, loose top is the obvious choice!  I used Runway Sewing Project # 9 silk t for my pattern. 

I used french seams

Machine rolled edges

Hand finished over the seams as my machine was having none of that.

And made lingerie straps to keep it on my shoulders.

Mistakes? Oh my, where do I start?  Basically, this was a reminder to myself to slow down and think about what I'm doing.  The pattern is actually just a guide, and you draft up the pattern yourself.  I thought it would be no big deal as I'm good at following directions and it was all straight lines and easy stuff.  That's all true, but if I don't follow the directions, then it's not so easy.  First, I added length.  That was a good change, worked out nicely.  Then I measured the armholes from the wrong spot and they were incredibly small.  I knew they were small, I even measured, but went on anyway because... crafter's denial?  I don't know.  Then, I saved cutting the neckline until the end as it's the only difference on the front and back pieces.  Stopped what I was doing, did something else, turned back to the fabric and just cut out the same neckline for both pieces.  Crud.  It looks good, and like it was done on purpose, but I wanted the higher back neckline.

So, those sleeves?  They were a total no go.  Luckily, they were only a 1/2" long, so I just chopped them off and opened the side seams up more to make it a sleeveless top.  Well, first I put everything away and went to bed, then the next night I fixed it.  Never try to fix a stupid mistake when you're sleepy.

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