Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dyeing silk

A couple weeks ago I went to a sale for Our Social Fabric.  I found a couple of really great pieces of fabric there.  A nice cut of black silk georgette that feels wonderful and 4 metres of silk charmeuse in a rather ugly colour.  I was actually going to pass on it at first, but then I remembered that I had silk dyes I bought last year from G&S Dye, so I went for it.

I'm a bit underwhelmed by the results of my dyeing.  I know that I didn't stir the little dye pots, which is why most came out splotchy, but still.  I don't know... I don't even know what colours I had been hoping for.  Here are my results, what do you think?  I think the Purple and Peacock dyes came out the best, Red's not bad, and the Black seems to be a good solution if nothing else.  I'm not keen on wearing black usually, but it's better than the original colour at least!

The purple photo isn't the best representation of the colour it actually is, which is too bad.  Thoughts?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Finished Project: Cambie Dress

The hardest part of keeping the blog updated for me is taking photos.  I have a light box to take photos of small items, any time of the day or night, so that's improved, but taking finished project photos is a huge problem.  My house faces North / South, so only the south facing bedroom gets natural light.  That bedroom belongs to Aki and is very untidy.  I don't want to take photos there.  Also, I work during those hours which the sunlight streams in his room, so moot point.  I don't have a backyard, but do live in a townhouse complex with lots of green space. Spart doesn't like to take photos for me.  Aki and Itsa are too young to take the photos.  Well, maybe Aki could handle it with the tripod, if he could reach the shutter.  I might have to get a remote for my camera so I can be self-reliant.

Anyway, I have had this particular dress planned for over a year now.  I bought this silk cotton fabric on Spoonflower last July with Sewaholic's Cambie dress in mind.  I love Arctic animals, and think Narwhals are particularity interesting.  Actually, this artist has several designs I'm in love with (seriously, check it out.  I can hear you swiping your credit card already).  Spoonflower doesn't carry the silk cotton anymore, but there is a silk crepe do chine and a cotton lawn that both look luxurious.

I made up the size 16, with no modifications.  Not even for length, which was my mistake.  I was having trouble visualizing where the waistband would hit me so I estimated a spot too low for the hemline.  S'ok, I did a hem facing to conserve as much length as possible and it worked out well.  Meant I was able to put piping on the hem too.  Snazzy!

The lining is a cotton voile from Fabricland, and the piping is from Dressew.  I wandered through the anxiety-inducing trims section with a swatch of fabric looking for the perfect match.  I think I succeeded.

I chose the straight across neckline and view A mostly to maximize my fabric practicality.  Spoonflower has wide bands of white on each side near the selvages so the usable printed fabric is closer to 90cm than 115cm.  

Mistakes?  Surprisingly none.  Except that I let vanity get the better of me and I should have left off the front skirt darts, reduced the front bodice darts, and increased the waistband length.  Should have.  But my plan to "start working on my abs" was much more attractive.  Let's not talk about it.

I finished this in time for my birthday, so wore it today as we went out for a birthday lunch.  The kids were too excited to let Spartacus take nice photos.

I think this is my new favourite garment!  Even more so than my beloved Ginger Jeans.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Finished Project: Style Arc Diana

Want a perfect summer tank top pattern?  I have found mine with Style Arc's Diana top.  V-neck, wide sleeves, and hip length.  I did three of them last night.  I couldn't help myself! 

The pattern is just two pieces, no facings, no bindings, nothing else.  Well, a bit of twill tape in the shoulder seams to prevent stretching, but nothing else.  I was able to cut all three shirts out at the same time, and then just serge the shoulder and side seams, and turn and top stitch the armholes and neckline.  Super easy.  

I have now done 5 of them.  I wear them all the time, but do I have a photo?  No.  Sorry.  

I added 5cm to the length and used a straight stretch stitch for the top stitching.  Hands down my perfect summer top.