Sunday, 9 August 2015

Finished Project: Style Arc Diana

Want a perfect summer tank top pattern?  I have found mine with Style Arc's Diana top.  V-neck, wide sleeves, and hip length.  I did three of them last night.  I couldn't help myself! 

The pattern is just two pieces, no facings, no bindings, nothing else.  Well, a bit of twill tape in the shoulder seams to prevent stretching, but nothing else.  I was able to cut all three shirts out at the same time, and then just serge the shoulder and side seams, and turn and top stitch the armholes and neckline.  Super easy.  

I have now done 5 of them.  I wear them all the time, but do I have a photo?  No.  Sorry.  

I added 5cm to the length and used a straight stretch stitch for the top stitching.  Hands down my perfect summer top.

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