Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Finished Project: Boy's button down shirt

Aki started Kindergarten this year and Itsa began preschool.  I'm a little heartbroken that both my kids are in school, but also excited at how much they've grown.  No babies in my house anymore.

I decided to sew them up some new garments to wear for their first day of school.  I did Aki's first as he's handmade worthy, and Itsa's because she asked... and sewing tiny dresses is so cute. I'll parade Itsa's out next, but focus on Aki's now.

I used the Peek-a-boo patterns Classic Oxford Button-Up for this as I used it last year with great success.  I really like this pattern, it's the epitome of a classic button-up shirt for children.  Adding a little piping takes it to the next level and it goes together so quickly.  Perfect.

I used matching thread instead of contrasting as I usually do just because I wanted the print to be the star instead of the stitching.  This fabric was bought from Fabricland last winter when they first started stocking Licensed fabrics.

I sewed the size 5, which is my mistake as the size 6 would last longer.  I hate sewing kids' clothes that fit *right now*.  At least it can handed down to my nephew once it's outgrown.

The buttons are from my button stash.  My grandmother gave me all her buttons a few years ago when she moved from her house to a retirement apartment.  Hundreds of buttons saved since the end of WWII are now mine.  I've been having a great time using them on gifts I send to my cousins as I feel like I'm spreading a bit of Grandma's love to them too.

Aki is super happy about his new shirt and loves to tell everyone that his mom made it for him.  Sweetie. :D

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Still here

Sorry for the radio silence the past couple weeks.  I'm hoping to take some photos and get about 4 posts up over the next couple weeks, but for now... meh.

I'm still job hunting.  Nearly desperate enough to go to Fabricland.  It's not a bad job, but the pay is likely to be significantly less than I was making before, so it'll mean a lifestyle change.  And the restraint I'd need to exercise to not buy more fabric!  But I'd be happy at work, and that's the most important part now.  Try to gain happiness in an area of my life where it was lacking before to attempt to bring more into the rest of it.  

I did sew up a garment for each of the kids for their first days of school.  Aki started Kindergarten and Itsa started preschool.  

I am putting the finishing touches on a bra for a client right now, and then have another 2 client projects to do up this weekend.

My mum wants a bra, I should be able to do a rough copy up on Monday.  And I need at least two new bras for myself.

Then I have some birthday gifts for Itsa to do up.

And I have a marvelous coat planned.  I can't wait to share the plan for that!

Once the laundry has been done, I will iron the kids' new clothes and march them out for a photoshoot.  Then I can show them to you.

Wish me luck in my job hunt!  I'm pretty sure my awkwardness is holding me down with the interviews.  It usually takes someone a few days with me to understand that I'm honest and genuine, and truly as enthusiastic as I come across.  Unfortunately, in an interview there's not enough time for that and I just come off a little strong.  I'm trying to restrain myself, but when I get nervous my mouth keeps talking.  :D

Friday, 4 September 2015

Breathe deeply

This has been quite a week for me.

I don't like to mix my personal life and my professional life if it can be helped, but I really feel to understand everything one must really understand my personality.

I'm an over emotional sort of person, but not in the stereotypical over worried way. It's more the overly empathetic, feel all the feels, and truly care about everyone around me kind of way. With the Myers Briggs personality test I always come up as INFJ which is the rarest sort. Once I started reading about that label I started identifying strongly with it. I used to cry when an ambulance passed because I was concerned for the injured person and everyone who's life they play a role in.

After Itsa was born I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. After nearly three years of treatment it's suspected that depression has actually tainted my whole life and I just hid it really well. Looking back on diaries I've kept since I was ten was the biggest hint of that. So, now medicated, I function at a much shallower level than before. The slight apathy really helps me get through my day as I no longer strive to be the person everyone around me needs me to be.

All this to say that I quit my job.

I've been at this job seven and a half years. This week finally broke my optimism and I saw no option other than moving on. It doesn't feel as liberating as it did when I quit my last job. Maybe because I already had this one lined up and the new opportunity was exciting? I'm mostly sad that it's come to this, and I'll miss my coworkers terribly. I really like almost all of them.

But I'm also terrified. The media has latched onto the idea of a Canadian recession and I just quit a steady job. Neither Spart nor I have post secondary education so we're at a disadvantage for higher paying jobs and his alone doesn't cover the mortgage and food. We have two children and two cats to provide for!  It seems down right irresponsible to not have something lined up.

So I have to keep breathing deeply and reminding myself that I told Spart to trust me. I can't ask that of him if I don't trust myself. If worst comes to worst, Christmas is coming so I'll easily find something in retail to hold me over.

It'll all work out, just breathe.