Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Finished Project: Boy's button down shirt

Aki started Kindergarten this year and Itsa began preschool.  I'm a little heartbroken that both my kids are in school, but also excited at how much they've grown.  No babies in my house anymore.

I decided to sew them up some new garments to wear for their first day of school.  I did Aki's first as he's handmade worthy, and Itsa's because she asked... and sewing tiny dresses is so cute. I'll parade Itsa's out next, but focus on Aki's now.

I used the Peek-a-boo patterns Classic Oxford Button-Up for this as I used it last year with great success.  I really like this pattern, it's the epitome of a classic button-up shirt for children.  Adding a little piping takes it to the next level and it goes together so quickly.  Perfect.

I used matching thread instead of contrasting as I usually do just because I wanted the print to be the star instead of the stitching.  This fabric was bought from Fabricland last winter when they first started stocking Licensed fabrics.

I sewed the size 5, which is my mistake as the size 6 would last longer.  I hate sewing kids' clothes that fit *right now*.  At least it can handed down to my nephew once it's outgrown.

The buttons are from my button stash.  My grandmother gave me all her buttons a few years ago when she moved from her house to a retirement apartment.  Hundreds of buttons saved since the end of WWII are now mine.  I've been having a great time using them on gifts I send to my cousins as I feel like I'm spreading a bit of Grandma's love to them too.

Aki is super happy about his new shirt and loves to tell everyone that his mom made it for him.  Sweetie. :D

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