Thursday, 24 September 2015

Still here

Sorry for the radio silence the past couple weeks.  I'm hoping to take some photos and get about 4 posts up over the next couple weeks, but for now... meh.

I'm still job hunting.  Nearly desperate enough to go to Fabricland.  It's not a bad job, but the pay is likely to be significantly less than I was making before, so it'll mean a lifestyle change.  And the restraint I'd need to exercise to not buy more fabric!  But I'd be happy at work, and that's the most important part now.  Try to gain happiness in an area of my life where it was lacking before to attempt to bring more into the rest of it.  

I did sew up a garment for each of the kids for their first days of school.  Aki started Kindergarten and Itsa started preschool.  

I am putting the finishing touches on a bra for a client right now, and then have another 2 client projects to do up this weekend.

My mum wants a bra, I should be able to do a rough copy up on Monday.  And I need at least two new bras for myself.

Then I have some birthday gifts for Itsa to do up.

And I have a marvelous coat planned.  I can't wait to share the plan for that!

Once the laundry has been done, I will iron the kids' new clothes and march them out for a photoshoot.  Then I can show them to you.

Wish me luck in my job hunt!  I'm pretty sure my awkwardness is holding me down with the interviews.  It usually takes someone a few days with me to understand that I'm honest and genuine, and truly as enthusiastic as I come across.  Unfortunately, in an interview there's not enough time for that and I just come off a little strong.  I'm trying to restrain myself, but when I get nervous my mouth keeps talking.  :D

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