Sunday, 4 October 2015

Finished project: Shelly Bra

Being off work is the perfect time to catch up on my sewing.  I had a bra to do for a client that was "No Big Rush", so I had put it off a bit.  

After having her try on the mock up, I made a slight change and then did up the good copy.  The rough one had a bit of hollowness in the upper cup, so I lowered the mid cup seam a quarter inch and that should do it.

The pattern is Shelly from the Pin-up Girls, and the fabric was a kit from Merckwaerdigh's Etsy shop. The wires are also from Bra Maker's Supply.

The only problem I encountered was that the main fabric in the kit is a 4-way stretch fabric, and the pattern calls for a stable fabric.  I solved this by hand basting the pieces to duoplex so there was minimal stretch during sewing.  This worked quite nicely, although it does feel a bit thick.

I'm very pleased with how this turned out and have now cut out one for myself out of another kit I bought at the same time from Merckwaerdigh.

Mum wants one done too, but she's leaving next week with her sisters on vacation for the rest of the month, so I'll have the rough draft done before she comes back.  

Honestly,  I think that the best part of custom made bras is the underwires.  A RTW bra uses the best wires for the size of the bra, but a custom one allows us to use the best wires for the size of you.  I have a full set of Long and Extra Long wires from Bra Maker's Supply, so I can keep switching out wires until the most comfortable ones are found.  This is excellent as RTW bras in my size tend to have wires that go under my arms and poke me in the armpits.

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