Sunday, 18 October 2015

Unusual Sewing Tools: Sharpened Chalk

This is one that I hadn't realized was unusual until someone on my Facebook asked how to mark on fleece.  I had never thought about it before as I've always used sharpened chalk to mark my fabrics.  But not everyone had my grade 10 Fashion Design teacher to show them that trick.  So, Thank you Mrs.Hammond for being a quick problem solver and coming up with one of the best tools for marking on fabric.

Photo from The Creativity Eschange

It's super easy to do yourself.

  • Get a pencil sharpener with the larger hole (the kind you use for Kindergarten pencils) 
  • Choose an assortment of coloured chalk
  • Sharpen the chalk just like a pencil

Photo from Things That Are Pretty
It doesn't rub off accidentally very easily, but does brush off without too much effort.  Marking on fabrics with some pile or loft is no problem and the markings come out in the wash. As always, TEST ON DELICATE FABRIC FIRST.  

I don't recommend this for every project, sometimes you need a precise, thin mark to follow, and sometimes you need something that absolutely can't be removed.  I tend to use sharpened chalk the most in my sewing.

A quick Google search tells me that this a common technique for really precise chalkboard writing.  I have never thought of that, to be honest.  

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  1. Great tip - I love using chalk for marking too :)