Friday, 13 November 2015

Finished Project: Halloween Bags

This project was my longest standing WIP.  19 years!

I originally bought the fabric when I was 11 and in Fabricland with my mum and brother to buy some fabric for his grade 7 family studies class. (I can remember it very clearly, actually.  It was in Brampton when Fabricland was beside Toys R Us on Queen Street. 1996.)  He made some grey boxer shorts that I think he wore until they finally broke down in grade 12.  I wanted to learn to sew with the machine since it was set up on the kitchen table, so mum bought me some halloween fabric to make trick or treat bags.  I managed to get them partly done before my brother protested that we were too old to trick or treat and I put them away.

When organizing my fabric stash a couple weeks ago I pulled the fabric out again and decided it was the perfect time to use it up, now that my own kids are old enough to trick or treat.  I searched on Pinterest for ideas, and came across this Spoonflower tutorial that was just perfect.

I appliqued cats on the bags, because cats,

 and used webbing for the straps since I had some on hand. 

Where I managed to get orange webbing is a mystery to me, but it worked out well.  I was going to personalize the bags for each kids, but then decided that it would be better to just make them both exactly the same and avoid fights.

It feels good to finally use up that fabric!  The kids loved the bags, and they were a good size.  A touch too big for Itsa, so she just put her head through a strap and held it open in front of her.  It was hilarious.


  1. Really cute! The black cat applique looks great!

    1. Thanks! I love how applique can transform something so much while still being simple.