Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Finished Project: Halloween Costume

For Itsa's first Halloween when she was nearly 1, I made her a black cat costume with inspiration from this tutorial.  I found a black tutu on clearance at the Bay that was too big, but I just used a binder clip to gather it in the back and it was all good.  She wore that costume for two years and told me she wanted to wear it again this year.  Perfect!  I just transferred the ears from the now too small headband to a pair of hairclips like these:
and was going to make her a new black sweatshirt, and she was going to be ready.

Of course, she's barely 3.  She changed her mind.  First, she wanted to be Ariel, the Little Mermaid.  Then she wanted to be Tiana from The Princess and The Frog.  After a few days, she settled on Disney's version of Rapunzel.  She did waffle back and forth on Rapunzel and Ariel for a week before I bought any materials and told her she would be Rapunzel.  

How do you make a good Canadian halloween costume?  Make it fit both under a coat for school and over a coat for trick or treating.
I didn't want a regular princess dress that she'd outgrow in a few months, so I was inspired by some Princess Aprons I saw on Etsy.  An apron is perfect!  She can wear it for a long time without outgrowing it, it can be worn over any seasonally appropriate clothes, and it takes very little fabric.  The only thing that took a lot of thought was how I would do closures.  Ties weren't the best as she'd be dependent on me to do them up for her, Velcro wasn't a good choice as she's a bit rough and it would come undone all the time.  So I went with a Japanese style apron that crosses in the back.  I used this pattern and kind of winged the construction as it was pretty straight forward.

I scaled the pattern down to 75% as I paper-fit the full size one to Aki and found it to fit perfectly.  I figured Itsa was about 75% the size of Aki.  I guessed right, but wish I hadn't as she'll outgrow it within a year.

I used two shades of purple satin I found in various remnant bins for the fabrics.

Ribbon as the bodice laces.

Trimmed the hem in lace from a thrift store.

I used single fold bias tape on the underarm and top of strap to finish the edges.  The seam allowances are just serged.

I am really happy with the outcome! I'll be making her more for Christmas.


  1. Wow! and awww! That is such a great idea... wish that was around when I was a kid!

    1. Right? How many times did you have a different costume for school than you did for trick or treating? I always did. School: fancy costume! Trick or treating? Face paint, sew ears on my toque and claws on my gloves and say I'm a cat.

      Thanks! I'm sure you'll see more dress up clothes as the kids live half their time pretending to be someone else. I have a pattern for a family penguin costume that I'm trying to sell them all on for next year. No luck yet, but it's still early. Aki is obsessed with puffins currently, so I think I can sell it to him that way.