Thursday, 19 November 2015

Finished Project: Quilt

My little girl turned 3 last week!  I am torn between being surprised she's so big and forgetting that she's still so little.  She thinks she's 6, and she tends to act like it.  I guess it's the common younger sibling thing as I remember being the same way.

I tried to finish a quilt for her in time to give her at her birthday party, but we had to move the party up 4 days to accommodate my parents' work schedule and I ended up on the phone all day one day, and at an interview the next, so I chose to bake and decorate her cake rather than finish the quilt.  No big problem though, I bought her some Lego instead and the quilt will be given at Christmas.  I used the Lego to decorate her birthday cake.  I'm not above using hard plastic toys on cakes.

I used a quilt panel of The Little Mermaid for the top, a coordinating printed flannel for the back, and a purple print I pulled out of the remnant bin for the binding.  Everything came from Fabricland except the thread, which was at Dressew for 25 cents a spool.  Coats Hand Quilting Multicolour for a quarter!  I love Dressew so much.

I thought to quilt bubbles on it, but they're kind of wonky.  My quilting techniques need practice.

I used a decorative stitch for the binding top stitching, and I enjoy how it looks with the variegated thread.

It's not a large quilt, but a nice drag-around-and-cuddle-on-the-couch size.  I used the new Warm & Natural batting that Fabricland carries: Warm & Plush.  It is surprisingly fluffier and cozier, and only a couple dollars more.  I think I'll use this on all my quilts I want a cotton batting for from now on.  Such nice loft.


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    1. Thanks! I'm going to try an actual pieced quilt next, should be a good challenge.