Monday, 23 November 2015

Finished Project: Toque

My kids love rainbows.  I love rainbows, so it works out nicely.  In 2013 I went to the Fibres West Fibre Fest and bought a set of rainbow coloured DK weight yarn from Rain City Knits.  It's a super soft and smooshy superwash wool and the colours are so nicely saturated.  There are 8 colours, the standard ROYGBIV + pink.  Love it!

For Aki's hat I started with red in the ribbing at the bottom, and worked up to some purple on the crown.  I made the green a really wide stripe as it's his favourite colour and I had skipped the pink.  For Itsa's hat, I started with pink for the ribbing, then went to red up to purple.  I used the Simple Beanie (aka Lollipop Hat) pattern for my inspiration.  I cast on more stitches than called for, which is a bit odd since it's meant to go to adult size.  Hmm...  Anyway, the decreases for the crown are paired leaning decreases, so they make a pleasing star on the top.  I usually just do the standard spiral that evenly spaced decreases get you, but I like the look of this better.

I still have enough yarn left to make either two more toques or mittens.  Or something else, but I'm not sure what.  So, back into the stash with the leftovers.

The kids love their hats and are requesting cat ears on them.  I'm trying to let them forget that request as I do poor cat ears on toques.  They always flop over and look a mess.

Now to knit a toque for myself as my current one keeps flopping off my head.  The pompom is ridiculously large so it weighs the whole thing down.  I'm ready for a nice, light, slouchy hat that I can tuck my hair up into.  I'm thinking the Hinagiku Hat as it has a nice star stitch.  But I haven't done a proper Ravelry search yet to make sure that's what I want to commit to.  I did pick out the yarn to use though, so that's a start.

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