Monday, 4 January 2016

Hello 2016

Ah, a new year.  The kids are back to school, the house is cleaned up after Christmas, I've started on the laundry I didn't do all weekend, and the cats and I are enjoying a coffee break.

Babe and Ebby enjoy life as lap cats.

My unexpected blog break over December was due to finding a job, starting said job, having general Christmas duties to attend to, and getting very little sewing done.  I'm still working on the same project I have been since the beginning of December.  I hope to share that by the end of this week.

So, a look back on 2015 in the land of Mandykatt:

  • Started the year off work to get a hold of my mental state.  Did pretty well with that.
  • Went back to work for six months before calling it quits and admitting that job just wasn't working for me.
  • Started a new job at Fabricland!  My work life is now much happier and more satisfying.
  • My children started school this year, one in playschool and the other in Elementary.
  • At Christmas time it was announced that my brother and his wife are pregnant with their second child!
  • Sewed up many garments, some pretty dresses but most everyday sort of garments.
  • Learned to make soap, adding to my craft resume.

Here is one of the StyleArc sleeveless tops I made.
A lot of changes, a lot of learning, and a huge step forward in my goal for 2016: Joy.

I hope to focus on the joy of the life I live and the people / events around me in 2016.  It's easy to get caught up thinking of tomorrow or replaying the bad parts of events, so I want to make a concentrated effort to focus on the good, the happy, and the joy around me. 

Another StyleArc top.  I think I made this pattern five times in different colours.
Leaving the office job that I hated and felt caged in with was a huge thing for me, and I feel it will make a big difference in the rest of my life.  Going somewhere I hated to be for 8 hours / day, 5 days / week was exhausting and soul crushing.  Staring at a computer screen, filling in forms or doing data entry for most of my day was mind-numbing, and not having the motivation of good work being rewarded with a raise, promotion, or even a "Thank you, good job!" meant that I didn't give my best efforts, and I don't like to go about my day that way.  It left me numb and grumpy for the other parts of my life and I couldn't find anything that made me really happy about existing. 

So, finding the joy is my top priority, and having a job where I get to talk about sewing, help people figure out their projects and make them happen, and start people on their sewing adventures makes me happy.  My boss even tells me when I do good work!  My coworkers tell me they're happy to have me work there and that I am doing really well!  And there is room for promotions!

On the crafting front, the new craft I want learn this year is Millinery.  I am going to learn to make hats!  I hope to have a fascinator I can wear for Halloween, and maybe a nice floppy sunhat for summer.  I will continue sewing wardrobe basics as I'm low on those, and my current wardrobe reflects my old job, which is a bit too formal for this job.

How did my ban on buying fabrics go?  Let's not discuss that.  I did hold back a fair bit, but not nearly as much as I should have.  I hope to show more restraint this year (but I seriously doubt it).

The sewing plan I had made in April?  Erm, I kind of followed it.  For the first two months.  Then I was side tracked by clothes I actually needed for the weather we were having, and by client duties, and the rest of the list had to go on hold.  I managed to sew up almost all of my optional extra garments though!  That's something, right?  I should do up a plan for this year now...