Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Finished Project: Ballet outfit

I finished something!  It's a great feeling after staring at the same project for 2 months.  Itsa started her ballet lessons again, so I decided to sew her a bodysuit and tutu.  I had found a simple one in a thrift store for her birthday, but she outgrew it within a month.  She still tried to wear it, and then complained about it being uncomfortable, which I'm sure it was.

I used Burda 9629 views A and G.  This was a very quick sew, I had the bodysuit done in one evening and the tutu in the next.  I used a Lycra / Polyester from Dressew and sparkle tulle from Fabricland.  I used the star sparkle tulle for the contrast on the sleeves as well.  I think it looks adorable!

Itsa loves it, although I would like to shorten the tutu.

I learned an important lesson while making this: Only gather one layer of tulle at a time! No matter how much of a time saver you think it'll be, gathering multiple layers of tulle at once will just be a knotty, grabby mess.  A single layer will not have anything to grab onto and will gather easily.

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