Monday, 25 April 2016

Finished Project: Pencil skirt!

For my second model garment at work, I actually did two garments. This skirt is Butterick 6326, view B, which I made to go with the poplin shirt.  It was a really cute outfit to display, and I enjoy wearing the pieces together.

This was made with Fabricland's Belle Stretch Sateen, Cotton and spandex.  So nice to work with, and so comfortable!  Stretch sateen is my second favourite cotton fabric to work with.  Cotton Satin is my first favourite. 

As soon as Butterick released their spring patterns, I knew this pencil skirt had to be mine.  The poplin shirt was already decided, so I actually wanted to make a green pencil skirt to wear with it, but the only solid green we had was non-stretch, and for model garments you have to follow the pattern pretty closely.  I decided I wanted to sew this specific pattern more than I wanted to use the green, so I went with this navy blue.  I don't care much for blue, but whatever.  It's not a big deal, really.

I used this tutorial from The Sewing Rabbit for adding in a tummy control panel with powernet.  I had lots from the bargain basement at Dressew, and it was a quick and easy thing to do.  It does help my tummy look smoother, which I think is important to me in a high-waisted pencil skirt.

Taking photos was a bit of a trial as I'm not skilled with a tripod and self timer.  I will be hunting down a remote control and I hope that will help my photography.  No more chopping off my head.  Actually, I think the problem is that it's my husband's camera, and he has some sort of zoom lens on it, but I always used a 50mm lens on my SLR camera.  I keep missing the sweet spot in the depth of field.  And on the particular day I took photos, it was expected to be around 28 degrees outside, so I wanted to take these photos first thing after dropping the kids off at school.  That meant the morning sun wasn't high enough to get over all the trees in our complex and I ended up trudging around with the tripod for a good half hour looking for the right spot.

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