Custom Bra Making

I offer custom sewn bras for ladies of all sizes and shapes.  

Who would benefit from custom bras?
  • Anyone with a narrow rib cage and larger bust
  • Anyone with different sized breasts
  • Very large or very small sizes
  • Someone who likes the luxury of a custom fit garment
  • Looking for a nice, simple bra for a young woman and not satisfied with store offerings
  • Anyone in need of a bra for a specific dress or costume
  • If you like matching bra and knicker sets
And really, anyone who has boobs or wants to.  We can work together to find the perfect bra for your needs!

Prices begin at $50 for a bra, and $10 for matching knickers. If you just want the knickers they start at $15 for the first pair.

FYI: Bra fitting does require a bit of hands-on adjustments.  There's no way around it if you want a good fit. I promise to be professional and discreet at all times (unless you start cracking jokes first).

Contact me at for more information or to book a measuring and consultation session.


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